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Radiation shield decal | flower of life



5G EMF waves are all around us

shield your devices with this essential piece of armour

• graphene material tech originally designed for NASA spaceships

• effectively shields from EMF waves & 5G

• preventing damaging waves from: head aches, fatique, hair loss etc...

• diameter  - 22mm


EMF decals protect from:

radio frequency radiation | magnetic field | electric fields 


RFR: radio frequency radiation

emitted from: cellphones, cell-towers, wifi routers, bluetooth, smart homes...


MF: magnetic fields

emitted: appliances, micro waves,  hair dryers,  heaters, etc...


EF: electric fields

emitted from:  home wiring, circuit breakers, 

informational documentary with evidence of 5G emf effects:

5G informational video





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